[Male] Want to Muse Darkly With Me?
Welcome one and all that may happen to this little corner show. Building request threads were never my strongest of points; since being open to most things has left me also restricted as far as routes where my musings may go. Personally I lean towards some settings more than others; which I am sure any can find if they happen to pursue my f-list as well that has the more concrete grace of my devious ons and offs.
Although before one dares to click there, I will say this. I lean towards darker content as far as stories go. I do not enjoy fluff, traditional romance, and/or happy ever-after endings. If that is what you are seeking, then leave. I do not play villains that fall in love with their victims. If you want the bad boy turned good guy, it would be best you look elsewhere. ‘Romance’ in my settings, should it ever arise, will only be between that of dark aligned characters on both our ends and the only, lesser alternative that I may even consider is that of taboo, incest pairings of potential non-evil characters. Though who am I kidding, 90% of my creations are evil aligned to some extent and I can vaguely recall how many good aligned characters I have. Maybe one.. Maybe two.. But not that many.
Now with that out of the what can one expect?
I enjoy mixture of story and smut, but sometimes some games can be more smut heavy and others can be plot heavy. To give a solid ratio is really hard to do as I prefer to look at my partners preference there as well. If one prefers game with more fuckery, well that is fine. If one wants a rump every now and then, that is also okay. I suppose I can also do non-sexualize base stories, but those will probably involve bit of gore and violence to keep me interested.
As for settings I generally prefer medieval fantasy, post-apoc, Victorian-fantasy(steampunk), sci-fantasy, and finally modern-fantasy in that order with the latter being the least of my interests. I am flexible with other settings, but never suggest Western or Historical with me.

Content wise I am flexible. My heavier kinks in perversions - Non-con/rape, Incest, Beastly/Monsters.
My favorable races are: Demons, Anthros, Mythos(Minotaurs, Naga, Etc), Horde Races(Orcs, Trolls, Ogres, Goblins, Etc), Vamps and Weres in that general order. I will also do humans but they are on the very bottom of what I wish to play. I also prefer my partner to be flexible with races as well. It does not have to meet same criteria as my list, but damn do humans get boring to play with after awhile.

I also lean towards using art/anime for references for characters but it not deal breaker. I can do basic descs with nothing to go with visually as well.
I lean more towards playing multiple characters in a setting. This is usually one or two mains, whatever sides, and a variation of NPCs. I expect a partner to be just as flexible with their creations. I love various pairings, not all characters have to be played out at the same time, but I enjoy segments of different perspective throughout the RP to continue to lead to a solid story or allow different kinks/pairings and all that. If you just want to play one character then I am sorry, that is a deal-breaker. 
I mainly play male characters. My other alternative characters I will play are futas and those are secondary characters or npcs. I rarely play females(as in never.)
I am fine with partners playing female or futa characters.

Posting Frequency: Well it varies. I don't expect everyone to be on every day as I am hardly on daily myself. Larger posts tend to take longer to reply to as well(if we doing novel.) So many factors but at minimum I try to reply weekly if possible.  Sometimes more depending on factors at hand. 

My writing style is multi-pargraph to novel. I rather my partners be capable of providing at least 2-3 paragraphs per post. Examples Below
Should one made it this far and may be interested in plotting with me, feel free to PM me and mayhaps we can work a plot together.
My main preference of RP is by forum. I am not too fond of PMs. I may do Discord RP, though I normally prefer that for Paragraph - Multi paragraph RP.

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