Blood Wars
Blood Wars is a modern day adult supernatural roleplaying game. The game takes place primarily in the city of New Haven, Connecticut. In this world, a dark parallel of our own, supernaturals have been revealed as existing. Indeed, they have taken over the world, and have enslaved the masses. All humans are enslaved except for a small group of freedom fighters who dare to oppose their supernatural rulers, risking everything to end the dominance of the supernatural world, and to liberate mankind.

There are several races to chose from when creating a character for use in Blood Wars. Each of these races begins with some specific baseline powers which each member of that race has. Additionally, each species of character has a set number of abilities that they are able to purchase in order to flesh out the character in order to make that character unique.

The following races are currently available to play in Blood Wars:

Mundane Humans, Ascended Humans, Vampires, Werewolves, Skinwalkers, Angels, Demons, Changelings, Shades, Banshee, Wraiths, and Hellhounds.

We do not allow made up races in the Blood Wars universe. You must choose one of the twelve available races in character creation in order to play. Multiple characters are permitted, we just ask that you be able to handle them. We have a requirement of one in character post per month for each character in order for a character to remain active.

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