Can I be your memory?
Gosh, um where to start? Well, I started roleplaying about 8 years ago. I am a little shy outside of my characters but once I get into Characters it a whole different setting. I enjoy all types of roleplays mostly, fun sexy, logically detailed or long-lasting. I always keep a logical and open mind when it comes to roleplaying. I play both Male and Female Characters. Vampires and Demons are my kinks. [i]If I feel uncomfortable I will allow you to know. Any questions feel free to ask via message or here, as long as you don't invade my personal life. 

Oh, I forgot to mention, One of my biggest pet peeves is crossing the 3rd person line. If your going to roleplay with me please stay in character. I do have mad respect for my real life partner and yes he knows I write smut RP, what do you think gets it going good in bed? [Image: emoticon-0103-cool.gif] Now back to it. 

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