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a role play group idea
A Role Play Group

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Have you ever wanted to be part of a role play with more than one person, where everyone trusts each other with their lives? It's like a family in a way. Have you ever wanted to have a Hunter character, where your goal is to get rid of werewolves? Even if it risks your own life. Would you be interested in being part of this group as a Hunter? Are you a sucker for gore, angst and drama (but not excessive)? Your reality would be much different than a typical human living in this world of supernatural beings. And those beings are deadly monsters. 

This group will be taken to a discord server where all the action takes place! 

The setting will take place in Colorado in America. The hunters will be fairly close to the domain of the werewolves. 
The hunters are fairly similar to those of the show Teen Wolf. You don't have to watch it if you haven't, just understand how they work. 
If you're characters don't get along with others, this might not be the group for you (unless you plan on getting along in the future to develop them!)
You will live in houses with the crew members, rather than one house per person - safer that way.
You will have all the things you need to protect yourselves from werewolves.
There will be information about the ranks, lore, story, etc in the future if people are interested! 
You must have an original character and fill out the character sheet that will be provided in the future. 
You must have a discord account in order to be invited to the server and role play. (This will be exchanged privately). 

This was more or less to see if anyone would join as hunters! 
If anyone shows interest, they will be notified when the group opens! 
Hoping to get about 5 members to start with 

Comment below if you're interested! Ty for reading!

If people are interested in being werewolves, don't worry, I'll be making updates for that in the future for the group. If you're willing to make a hunter character please comment! People joining as hunters are also free to make werewolves in the future. 

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