[Female] Viper's Request
Greetings and welcome to my Request thread.

First the rules.

~Post Size- I don't expect a novel as a post each and every time, but all I ask is that you try to maintain at least 2 paragraphs.

~Leaving- If you want to leave the rp for whatever reason, please tell me.

~Character Age- All Characters need to be at least 18 years old. Parents must be at least 23 years older then their children.

~Limits- Those will be discussed on a RP by RP basis

~Genders- I'm currently only accepting FxF.

~Dom/Sub- Am I a Dom or Sub...That is information that will be provide in a pm as we set up the RP.

A Bio Weapon's Rage

Within the hollow walls of an abandoned research facility lies a secret that the Government never wanted exposed. It was their first attempt at a Bio Weapon, after countless injections and gene manipulation sessions the scientist believed that they had created the first true bio weapon. But any attempt to try and communicate with her was met with a rage so great that it threatened the safety of the whole staff. The mission was scrubbed and the weapon was left in the facility for nearly 20 years. But now the facility has been reopened and fully renovated with the exception of Bio Weapon's holding area. Can this fearsome creature truly be tamed and what measures will it take.

Onto the pairings.

Arranged Marriage Pairings
Assassin x Assassin
Assassin x Thief
Thief x Thief
Werewolf x Slayer
Vampire x Slayer
Vampire x Thief
Vampire x Assassin
Werewolf x Assassin
Werewolf x Thief
Werewolf x Vampire
Police Officer x Thief
Police Officer x Assassin
Water Elementalist x Lightning Elementalist
Fire Elementalist x Earth Elementalist

Modern Pairings
New Soldier x Squad Leader
Squad Leader x Commanding Officer
Pilot x Soldier
Combat Medic x Wounded Soldier
Soldier x Civilian Girlfriend
Sniper x Spotter
Tank Commander x Gunner
Mechanic x Tank Commander
Rebel x Soldier
Trainer x Fighter
Commanding Officer x Heartbroken Soldier
Hacker x FBI Agent
Ex-Soldier x Civilian
Hiker x Injured Woman
Captured Sniper x Rebel

Fantasy Pairings
Dragoness x Elven Queen
Dragoness x Human Queen
Chimera x Elven Warrior
Manticore x Human Knight
Elven Archer x Human Knight
Witch x Shadow Elemental
Amazon x Elven Princess
Manticore x Dragoness
ArchDragon x Elven Princess
Black Fire Beast x Human Queen

Sci-Fi Pairings
Mech Pilot x Mechanic
Mech Pilot x Mech Pilot
Ship Captain x A.I
Ship Captain x Medic
Soldier x Pirate Queen

Games (Gamer gets pulled into said game)
Dead or Alive
Dragon Age
Mass Effect
Final Fantasy
League of Legends

Game/Anime Crossovers
Ninja Gaiden x Naruto
Dragon Age x Fairy Tail
Final Fantasy 13 x RWBY

More pairings to come.

Please send me a pm if your interested in any of the pairings.

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